A Career with Team 1stSource

Message from the President:

When I was a boy, my first job was riding my bicycle around to cut neighbor's lawns, pull weeds, etc. When I turned 16 and became more mobile, I wanted to make more money working after school and on weekends. My Dad spoke to a friend that owned a local business, and arranged for me to work at the very bottom of his totem pole. Without telling me of this prior arrangement, he suggested that if I wanted a job, I should apply at this company. But first, he gave me some advice that has been valuable during my long and varied career.

He said, "If you intend to show up on time, work hard and do your best, don't apply for a job with the attitude that they are going to do you a favor. If your work is valuable, it will help them make more money, so you will be the one doing the favor, not them."

This principle has served me well. Now, as I depend on the members of our team to expand 1stSource so we can provide more quality, cost effective products and services to our Customers, I remember my Dad’s advice from another perspective. We may make offers for quality talent to join Team 1stSource, but I can never forget that I am not the one doing the favor. Each member of our Team is providing talent, expertise, and hard work that is propelling 1stSource to greater levels of success and providing higher value to our Customers. If the concept of joining 1stSource sparks your interest, remember, if you join our Team I will always consider your work a personal favor.

About being a member of Team 1stSource

When 1stSource was founded in May 2000, we hired one employee named John Webb as he came to us with no experience in the industries we serve. He not only learned from the ground up, but he personally created the shipping procedures and many other operations required in a startup distribution company. He performed the work himself until we added more members to our team. Mr. Webb was promoted to Vice President of Operations and is an example of the way career paths can develop within a company that is not bound by tradition and regulations. If you become a member of 1stSource, where you go will depend on the value you bring to the team and how the company grows and develops, in part because of your contribution.

A team is normally comprised of members with complementary skills and generates synergy through a coordinated effort, which allows each member to maximize their strengths and minimize their weakness. The growth of our company is exciting and interesting, not only for us as a whole, but also for the growth of each person individually as we strive together for continual improvement in every aspect of what we do.

Interested in joining our Team?

1stSource is an equal opportunity employer offering paid vacations, holidays, and sick time. Each member may join or our premium group health plan and as well as our Company sponsored IRA. Should you have an interest in submitting an application for employment, please call or email: Mr. John Webb, VP of Operations at 812-288-7466 x 112 or email [email protected]

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