Our staff at 1stSource has extensive engineering, design, and system integration experience necessary to meet any challenge brought forward by our Customers.

Systems Projects:

In addition to providing an extensive offering of components and assemblies, 1stSource can perform systems projects utilizing our overhead conveyors, offered in various levels of involvement depending on the needs of our Customers. In some cases we provide only a list of hardware for a system and our Customers provide controls, installation and aftersales service. At the other extreme of the spectrum, 1stSource provides complete turnkey systems. In addition, we can include other equipment and sub systems including belt and roller conveyor and automation equipment. We are flexible to provide as little or as much equipment and services as our Customers desire.

Systems audits, upgrades and new system concept evaluations:

Our extensive experience and know-how allows 1stSource to preform audits of existing systems which provide our End Users insight as to what upcoming preventative maintenance may be required, analysis and solution of any existing operational issues and consideration for expansions and modifications as well as complete new systems. In the past ten years, 1stSource has performed several upgrades of existing distribution centers, working closely with our Customer's operations personnel to pin point weak points and problems in systems, then to develop plans and proposals for corrections, upgrades, and expansions. Our services go beyond equipment supply to overall consulting engineering and project management.

Engineering and simulations:

1stSource also provides engineering services in 2D and 3D as well as computer simulations of proposed layout options and solutions. Detailed computer simulations can confirm to Customers operational problems and bottle necks in existing systems as well as the operational results of modifications and enhancements proposed before decisions are made to move forward with specific solutions.

If you would like further information regarding our systems integration capabilities or Customer references from previous completed projects, please contact B. Scott Sparks, Vice President Sales at [email protected] or Tel. 1-812-288-7466 x 216.

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